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Water Polo for Everyone!

What is Long Term Athlete
Development (LTAD)?

LTAD combines sports science with the art of coaching to propose a progression where water polo players can develop skills and enjoy the sport through training and competition that are well adapted to their personal goals and to the different stages in development (physical, emotional, mental and cognitive maturation) rather than chronological age. The philosophies and ideologies behind LTAD are athlete-centered, coach-driven, and administration, sport science and sponsor-supported.

For a quick overview of LTAD which includes:

- General information about LTAD
- Benefits for different participants
- Highlights of the recommendations made for each age category
- Summary of the age-appropriate modified rules

For an at a glance printable version of the program including:

- A player development model
- A diagram of the pathway to high performance in water polo

For a competition review which includes:

- Some issues with the current system
- Future goals
- Performance indicators
- Stage by stage recommendations

For a link to the Water Polo Canada website which includes:

- A bilingual option
- More information regarding LTAD

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